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General Cleaning Tips

Avoid abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners. Do not use petroleum products, i.e., gasoline, kerosene or lighter fluid. Hydrofluoric and Phosphoric acid are corrosive to the glass surface and should not be used. Protect the glass surface from over spray or run-off from acids and cleaning agents used to clean metal framing, brick or masonry. Keep all cleaning solutions, water, solvents and other materials listed in this section from contacting the edges of laminated glass or insulating glass. Do not use abrasive brushes, razor blades or other objects which may scratch the glass. Immediately remove any construction materials, i.e., concrete, fire proofing, paints, labels and tapes. Clean a small area at a time, and inspect the glass surface frequently to ensure no glass damage. For most effective results, clean glass at a time when its surface is shaded. Avoid direct sunlight or hot glass.