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How do I clean my windows?

Use a common glass cleaner with lintless cloth, sponge or chamois to clean the glass. The use of a rubber squeegee will speed glass drying. To clean the sash and frame of Paradigm vinyl windows, a mild household solution may be used. Single-hung and double-hung jamb balance tracks - should be cleaned periodically to prevent dirt buildup. A light spray of clear, dry teflon lubricant may help improve operation. The bottom sash of both single-hung window - also tilts in for easy cleaning. To tilt in bottom sash, raise it 1”- 2” from sill. Release tilt latches on the top of the sash while cleaning. The upper sash of the double-hung window also tilts in. While bottom sash is tilted in, lower the upper sash 4”- 5” from top of window frame. Next, release tilt latches at the upper sash corners and tilt in. Again, support sash while cleaning. When through, snap sash back into place. For cleaning the operable sash of a single glider (one sash operable) or double glider (both sashes operable) window, simply slide window open. Snugly grasp the operable sash on right and left edges. Then lift it up as far as possible while swinging the bottom sash inward out of its track. Replace sash in a reverse manner. For a double glider, both operable sashes can be removed in this manner for easy cleaning of both surfaces. For your safety, the fixed lite of a single-hung or a single glider should be cleaned from the outside. The picture window (where fitted) has a fixed glass and will require cleaning from inside and outside separately. Awning & Casement windows—with egress hardware—are best cleaned from the inside and outside separately.